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This site is dedicated to the periodical entitled “The Signs of the Times” which was founded in 1832 by Gilbert Beebe. As you are enabled to read through these copies please keep in mind that the correspondences and articles are written by fallible men. Please do as scripture exhorts and test ALL things and hold on to the true and search the scriptures to see if these things are true. Do this with any and every writer.

Below is an index of all the scanned copies of (complete, almost complete and some with only a few volumes) years of periodicals that have been added because of their historical value. I have tried inserting some historical events and their timeline to kind of show what was going on at the time. My hope for starting this project was to preserve these old copies and make them readily available to whomever might be interested in them and whom the Lord would cause to find this site. Quite a few of them I have personally scanned and converted to pdf and have typed out a few as well. Some have come from Google Books of which I originally downloaded as a whole year in a single document, which made it a very large file. I was then enabled to take that document and strip out the images of the pages and compile them back into separate numbers for the year in pdf format.

I want to thank the individual who donated a box full of books of the “Signs” to Stanley Phillips. Along with that a special thanks goes out to the individual who donated $5,000 to Stanley Phillips. To which Stanley utilized the money to have a company scan and convert them, along with some microfilm of earlier copies that was donated, to pdf format. That is where quite a lot of what you see on the site came from because I purchased the DVD that Stanley was selling (unfortunately I am unaware if this DVD is still available) which included all of the pdf documents from the scanned versions of the books and the digital images from the conversion of the microfilm. I also really want to thank ALL who have contributed copies personally to me.

You will need a PDF reader program like Adobe Reader or something similar like Foxit Reader to read and/or print them. – Tom

P.S., If you have some old copies of the Signs that are not here and are willing to loan them to me to scan, it would be very much appreciated!


The above documents are taken from the microfilm. I cleaned up Numbers 1-5 to make it more readable. But, while the others are readable, they are very poor quality with a lot of lines going through each page. The documents below are the exact same documents as above but are typed out. This way they are smaller in file size and are much easier to read. – Tom


1846 through 1848 — WAR WITH MEXICO

1861 through 1865 — THE WAR BETWEEN THE STATES

1886 through 1889 — THE CONTEST


April - Aug. 1898 — SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR

1919 through 1933 — PROHIBITION / 1920 — WOMEN GET THE RIGHT TO VOTE

1925 — SCOPES TRIAL: (Debate between religion and science over teaching evolution.)

1929 — THE GREAT DEPRESSION BEGINS (Stock market crashes)

September 1939 — WORLD WAR II BEGINS (Hitler invades Poland)

1941 through 1945 — U.S. INVOLVEMENT IN WORLD WAR II

1950 through 1953 — KOREAN WAR 1950 through 1954 — McCARTHYISM

1954 through 1973 — U.S. INVOLVEMENT IN VIETNAM